G-UNIQUE and REVOCCASES have teamed up to bring you a (G)UNIQUE and (R)EVOLUTIONARY DC-DC power solution providing you with up to 600W for your SFF build:


Reduce the cables in your build to the minimum: ONE

Technical Data:

  • Input: 12VDC (11.8VDC~12.3VDC) max 50A
  • PCBA overall dimensions (mm): 38H x 55W x 14D
  • Board Efficiency: 80plus Titanium
  • Combined Output: 600W max. (depending on your AC-DC power supply)
  • GPU Output: 420W max.
  • CPU Output: 220W max.
  • 5VDC Output: 45W max.
  • 3.3VDC Output: 30W max.
  • 5Vsb Output: 25W max.

Cable Specs:

  • ca. 30cm DC-INPUT wiring (you choose: cable lugs or case mountable XT90 connector)
  • CPU to PLUGIN wiring: ca. 20cm
  • PCIe to CPU wiring: ca. 35cm
  • SATA cable: modular, two connectors, ca. 22cm

Recommended and required 12V AC-DC Power Solutions:

  • G-Unique custom brick
  • MEANWELL RPS-500-12-C


What is this?
​GxR-ONE is a DC-DC power supply which transforms 12VDC input into voltages for your MOBO and powers your CPU and GPU with just one cable. It is capable to supply your components with 600W continuous power. Basically a very powerful alternative to HDPLEX with a minimum of cables required.

How does it work?
To make it work you also need a good AC-DC power supply which transforms your 220VAC (or 110VAC) from the wall socket into 12VDC for the GxR-ONE. The AC-DC power supply should match your power requirements. Example: RTX2080S (250W) plus 3700X (105W) plus SSDs, RAM, etc… (50W to 80W) = 435W total max. >>> you’ll be totally fine with a 500W AC-DC solution.​

Are there complete sets available?
We have pre-configured complete sets with external AC-DC Brick available. These are suitable for cases like for example the S4M, RCC-MID1, RCC-BIG1 or any other case where you want to get rid of the internal PSU. The standard set comes with GxR-ONE DC-DC plus BRICKMOD500 AC-DC and gives you up to 500W for your build. Upon request we can also do a 600W set with one of G-Unique’s modded AC-DC Bricks.​

How about brickless?
We are currently working on two brickless solutions. One which would work for FLEX and one for SFX cases.​

How about DIY brickless?
If you have electric knowledge you can of course also buy the GxR-ONE and hook up any good 12VDC AC-DC power supply by yourself. For example the MEANWELL RPS-500-12-C would easily fit inside most cases. You just have to wire it up and try not to get electrocuted.