REVOCCASES – RCC-MID1, an affordable industrial style mini-ITX case with focus on good thermals and low noise

This custom SFF computer case offers some great opportunities to build a very silent or completely water cooled PC. Just get creative!

  • Dimensions: 296x197x197mm // 11,5 liter , vertical or horizontal orientation
  • CPU Cooler clearance: <=100mm with SFX PSU, <=174mm with PICOPSU
  • Graphics Card support: ITX-size, length <=191mm (e.g. PowerColor Radeon RX 5600XT ITX, GIGABYTE/MSI RTX2070 ITX)
  • Motherboard support: mini-ITX
  • Power Supply support: SFX (SFX-L), GxR-ONE PLUGIN PSU
  • Chassis Fan support: up to two 180mm fans (SILVERSTONE AP181, AP182, AP183) or up to two 200mm fans (external mounted to the case)
  • Radiator support: up to two 180mm or two 200mm rads (external mounted), optional 120mm AIO support
  • “Front” USB: cutout at the back (buy your own)
  • Power Button: ΓΈ16mm
  • Material: 2mm Aluminum (optional black anodized or bare metal)

Please read the specs carefully before planning your build and do not hesitate to ask if you should have any questions.